Make Your Call Centre Agents Happy with These Simple Steps

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Employee turnover is high in the call centre industry. Most employees stay for only six months. If you want to keep your agents longer, be sure to make them happy. Provide a happy working environment with these tips.

Lead by example

Pick up the phone and join your agents every once in a while. Show them that you can do their jobs too and achieve great results. Your agents will respect you more for it.

This has a twofold purpose. By sitting with them, you will also be able to observe how they do their daily tasks. You will be able to spot and correct mistakes quickly. You can also give them tips and demonstrate the right way of doing things.

Listen to your agents

No agent will tell you directly how they feel so keep your ears open to office gossip. Check out what people are saying while they are in the cafeteria or drinking station. Be open to communication with their team leaders and supervisors. If you can, ask them directly. You can meet with every team and ask them about their jobs, schedules, assigned tasks, etc. It does not have to be a formal meeting. Make it a relaxed environment to make them open up.

Set realistic schedules and workloads

Dealing with angry customers and complaints day in and day out is stressful. If you need to give paperwork to your agents, be sure to give a realistic workload. Give them realistic call centre performance targets. A heavy workload on top of a very stressful day will take a toll on your agents. Your agents will be demoralized and it will show in their customer service.

Set realistic schedules that will allow your agents to get a full night’s sleep. They need at least 24 hours of off time away from the office to be able to function well. They also need to bond with their families and friends to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Set clear expectations

Tell your agents exactly what you expect from them. They need to know their targets so that they can work towards them.

Really care about your agents

Know your agents personally. You should know them by name. Take time to develop relationships with them. They are individuals and want to be treated as such.

Emphasize customer satisfaction

Do not assess your agents by their length of call, instead, assess them by how well they handled a call. Customers should be satisfied by the end of every call. If the agent needs more time to resolve a problem, allow him. You will increase both customer and agent satisfaction.

Reward good performance

Rewards can take on any form – money, extra day off, less workload, gift cards, a certificate, etc. These simple things will motivate your employees to do their best.

Provide good equipment

Make an audit of your equipment. Get rid of obsolete ones. Your agents won’t be able to do their jobs well if they use faulty equipment. Provide them with the right technology and they will be happy to do their jobs.

Ask your customers for feedback

Encourage agents to ask customers if they were happy with the resolution given to them at the end of a call. If your agents hear that their customers are happy, then they will be happy too.

Test new protocols

Don’t implement new protocols right away. Select a pilot team and test them out first. Ask for the team’s feedback. Ask about the protocol’s strength and weaknesses. Make your agents a part of the change so that they won’t feel threatened. By nature, people resist change. Make them feel involved so they won’t be hesitant to change.

Appoint an agent to be team leader for a day

Let everyone in the team experience what it’s like to be a leader. Let them experience the perks and responsibilities that come with it. Your agents will have a greater sense of purpose and will strive to do better when they are in-charge.


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