9 Simple Tips for Motivating Your Call Centre Agents

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Running a call centre is hard work. Employee turnover is high. In order to keep your agents, make sure they stay motivated. When they are motivated, productivity levels are maintained. Aside from that, a motivated employee is a good reflection of the company. If your agents are happy, your customers are happy. Here are 9 simple tips for keeping your agents motivated.

  1. Free snacks

Snacks are great energy and mood boosters. Stock up your pantry with crackers, energy bars, granola bars, cereals, coffee, juice, tea, soda and anything else that your agents like. Your agents will appreciate the free food. They don’t have to go out the office to take a break. Remember that a hungry employee is more likely to be cranky and unfocused.

  1. Let them grow

Ask your agents what areas in their jobs they want to improve on such as a specific skill. Provide regular trainings and seminars. A motivated employee will always want to further his career. This is great news for the whole company. Your agents will constantly strive for excellence. They can cover a wide range of jobs when they continuously upgrade their skill set.

  1. Free massages

Poor circulation is one of the problems that call centre agents face because they are seated in front of a desk for long periods. Free massages can help tremendously. Some call centres hire massage therapists every now and them to help relieve the agents’ sore neck and back muscles.  This helps prevent tired and stiff muscles and keeps the blood going. Your agents will feel relaxed and recharged for another day.

  1. Spend some time with them

Try to spend a few minutes of your time each day with your employees. Ask questions, talk about their families, ask for suggestions or complaints about their jobs, etc. Knowing that you care about them will give them peace of mind. They know they can always talk to you if something is up.

  1. Prevent stress

A call centre agent’s life is stressful. If you start seeing signs of stress, eliminate them right away. Stress can cause a person to lose focus, get sick or be cranky. Tea and coffee are great mood boosters. They contain anti-oxidants that fight stress. Make sure you have plenty of both in your pantry.

Another way to relieve stress is by doing some simple exercises. They can do these while in their cubicles. You can also have team building activities every now and then.

Ask your agents if their workload is too much and adjust accordingly.

  1. Set realistic offline task schedules

First and foremost, your agents are human beings and not robots. Don’t tell them they can only go to the bathroom for 2 minutes. This is unrealistic and downright inhumane. Give them sufficient time for lunch, coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, etc.

Let them finish taking calls without any interruptions. Set aside some time to do paper work, hold meetings, etc.

  1. Report on your agent’s performance

Every day, show your agents a report on their productivity. Let them know their daily progress. Make it as detailed as possible. This will encourage them to always do their best and to improve on their weaknesses.

  1. Remind your agents about your company values

While in training, you teach your agents the core values of your company. You know a person is a good fit if he or she can identify with these values. Do not hire people who do not share the same values. From time to time, remind your employees what you are doing and the reason for doing it.

  1. Set competitions

Healthy competitions are great motivators. Award agents who get the top calls or highest satisfaction scores. It does not always have to be money. A pizza certificate or movie tickets are very much appreciated. You can also give an extra day off or more flexibility for other tasks. You can hang a plaque recognizing the agents who do a great job.

These are just some of the simple things you can do to keep your agents happy. Be creative with your approach and you can be sure to retain your employees for a long time.



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